When you visit Bible Baptist Church, here is what you are going to find, in addition to a warm welcome:

  • Our church is located on 10 beautiful acres in rural Greenville County with a view of the mountains to the North.

  • If you attend on a Sunday, you will be greeted at the door, given a bulletin and directed to the appropriate location that you need to go---if you have small children, we will show you the nursery; if you are attending Sunday School, we will show you to your classes; if you are there for the worship service, you will be directed to the auditorium.

  • During our worship service we will have a time for announcements, singing of hymns and songs of worship, receiving of the financial offerings people desire to give, a message from the Bible, sometimes an invitation to respond to the message, and a closing prayer.

  • If you have small children between the ages of 3-10 years, we have Children's Church, where the children can be taught on their age level should you desire to let them attend.

  • Should your visit be on a Wednesday evening, you will find people who have gathered for the purpose of praying for the needs of the church family.  We value your time and try to end the service by 8:00 PM.  During the hour we meet, we will sing a song, have a brief Bible study, share praises and prayer requests and break off into small prayer groups to pray over the requests that have been mentioned.  After our prayer time, we close with a verse from a song out of our hymnal.


Sometimes we don't attend church because we feel out of place-like we don't belong!



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Sermons are now available on: www.sermonaudio.com/bbc

BBC is home to: American Heritage Girls Troop SC 0516 and Trail Life Boys Troop SC 1730